With Morris, you can have retail management and payment processing all in one.

Moneris® is the leader in helping successful businesses with their card payment processing. But did you know we also have an innovative retail management solution that can help make your business operate more efficiently?

Exclusively from Moneris, Morris is a web-based retail management solution that brings together point of sale, eCommerce1, customer2 and inventory management into a centrally managed platform for your business.

Morris gives you a complete, real-time view of your data – including customers, transactions, and inventory – across all channels. This integration helps you to streamline your operations so you can focus on growing your business, all at a very affordable price!

With Morris, your business can benefit from:
With Morris, your business can benefit from:

Powerful point of sale capabilities

  • Quick and easy processing of sales, refunds and exchanges, for a single store or multiple locations

Secure eCommerce capabilities1

  • Design an eCommerce website that is linked to your inventory and shipping, and integrated with the rest of your Morris solution
  • Expand your business online to reach more customers

Inventory management made easy

  • Manage in-store and online inventory from one database
  • Eliminate paper-based tracking and help reduce errors, saving time and money

Customer relationship management2

  • Build relationships and enhance service by tracking purchase histories
  • Assign automatic discounts to your preferred customers or create customized mailing lists to communicate with your customers on relevant offers

Real-time reporting

  • Access up-to-the-minute data across both in-store and online channels to view a snapshot of your business at any time 3

Convenient Remote Access4

  • Login to Morris anywhere with an internet connection to review sales and view inventory levels to better manage your business